Maintain or Replace

Have you ever wondered if there has to be a better way? While watering my garden yesterday I was struck by how much time every month I have been spending just watering the garden. I generally enjoy my time in the garden but sometimes the daily tasks can be a bit tiring. I realised ifContinue reading “Maintain or Replace”

How do I change my heart?

In my previous post I mentioned my heart is the core of who I am. My heart drives my mind, will and emotions. So if it is the core of what drives me to do the things I do… How do I change my heart? It has been a long journey and a hard struggle.Continue reading “How do I change my heart?”

What is the Heart?

It astonished me when I realised that the word “heart” is used in the bible over 750 times, and yet, most people would probably struggle to give a definition for the heart, and I personally can’t ever remember it being explained in church. Apart from the obvious heart in our physical bodies, What is theContinue reading “What is the Heart?”

The Beginning of a Heart Journey

I personally find it very easy to live my life, following the same daily routine, without questioning or challenging my assumptions. Well… I guess that’s why they are assumptions. But sooner or later something comes along that doesn’t fit and no matter how hard I try to push it down it just keeps resurfacing. IContinue reading “The Beginning of a Heart Journey”