Maintain or Replace

Have you ever wondered if there has to be a better way? While watering my garden yesterday I was struck by how much time every month I have been spending just watering the garden. I generally enjoy my time in the garden but sometimes the daily tasks can be a bit tiring. I realised if I could plant out some of the potted plants and install some extra irrigation I could probably halve my daily garden maintenance. However I often don’t feel like I have have enough time or energy to change the way I’m doing things partly because I spend so much time watering.

I see a similar thing at work. People love to use spreadsheets to store information, keep track of things, and support their business processes. Spreadsheets can be great. However, like most things, spreadsheets have their advantages and disadvantages. Spreadsheets are very flexible and simple for an individual to maintain. But when it comes to lots of different people working on the same spreadsheet or keeping track of information that is linked to another system then you can get into all sorts of trouble. I constantly see people spending hours trying to synchronise changes from other people’s copies or fixing other people’s mistakes. I often wonder how much time could be saved if systems were developed to handle information updates and collaboration.

Maintain or replace?

If I have a car that is costing a fortune in repairs, do I keep repairing it or do I look to replace it?

I see the same principle in my spiritual life. I can spend a whole lot of time and energy maintaining my actions. Always making sure I’m living as a good Christian, going to church, fighting sin, being disciplined, reading my bible, praying every day, serving, and witnessing to others. It’s exhausting.

If your Christian life is exhausting and lacking the joy of your early salvation, maybe it’s time to stop trying to maintain your actions and spiritual appearance. The more I receive Father’s Love in my heart the more I have begun to experience true rest. It hasn’t been an easy journey but Father has been constantly pouring his love and comfort into the depths of my heart and gradually some of my core beliefs like “I’m not good enough” are getting replaced with “I’m His beloved”. The more I believe in my heart that I am His beloved… The less I act unloved.

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